What to Know About Trying DIY Home Insulation

The Dangers and Risks of DIY Insulation Work

To install new insulation, you’ll want to do something about the old insulation. But few people know that removing old insulation can make you sick. In some cases, older insulation materials like vermiculite contain asbestos, which can cause cancer. In other cases, old insulation can be contaminated with animal waste and bacteria. Removing insulation should always be left to professionals who wear proper protection and follow safety guidelines.

But installing new insulation is also a tricky process. You might damage your house during installation. Or, you might install it incorrectly. This can mean wasted money and time. Homes that have DIY insulation work performed often still waste energy and are uncomfortable to live in.

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How to Apply for Weatherization Services Online

Applying for our Maryland weatherization assistance programs is easy:

  1. Start by filling out our short online intake form.
  2. Our team will review your submission. Then, we’ll either request a full application or help you schedule an energy assessment for your home to get started.

DIY insulation is risky and can be an expensive investment that doesn’t pay off. Instead, take advantage of our weatherization program. You’ll receive all of the benefits of DIY insulation at no cost, and your insulation will be installed by trained and certified professionals.

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